Our permanent commitment to social responsibility has led us to create the Equapak Foundation, which is aimed at improving the working conditions and quality of life of workers and their families.

Our objective is to strengthen and professionalize social responsibility initiatives, an essential component in sustainable banana production.

We work to establish a series of projects related to education, health and the personal and collective development of our collaborators through the provision of human and economic resources, to provide the communities in the areas of influence with tools that contribute to the improvement of their quality of life.

Equapak Foundation is a private non-profit institution, committed to generating a tangible impact on human development, applying a medium and long-term Social Investment model that positively transforms the quality of life of the assisted communities in the provinces of the banana areas of Ecuador.

Through the integration of efforts between international organizations (NGOs), the public and private sectors, plus the support of labor organizations and multi-stakeholder initiatives, we develop innovative and sustainable social projects with a comprehensive approach that, in the short, medium and long term benefit the workers, their families and the communities linked to the Equapak Foundation.

The programs are developed in the areas of influence of workers, families and communities in the banana growing areas of Ecuador. The objective of the Equapak Foundation is to annually benefit up to 6,600 services to workers directly in banana plantations and about 6,400 additional services in the surrounding communities.

The Equapak Foundation focuses on the development of programs, projects and partnerships in three areas:


Objective: Promote a comprehensive approach to child, family, community and personal health through free basic preventive medical care, provided in our medical clinics.

Incidence: Promote the well-being and social mobility of the most vulnerable groups in banana production activities and communities.


Objective: Support care systems for occupational risks and occupational health, through the development of psychosocial risk prevention programs and prevention of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse.

Incidence: Improve the conditions of specialized establishments, coordinate actions with the public sector, promotion of reproductive health, occupational health and risk assistance to producers.


Objective: Contribute to improving access to formal and non-formal education alternatives for children and families and improve the development of their basic skills.

Incidence: Improvement of school performance, spaces for participation, level of teachers, information and communication technologies, languages, training of parents and local communities.


Objective: Support children who participate in sports programs.

Incidence: Keep children away from vices and encourage the practice of sports, positively impacting their quality of life for the present and future.


Objective: Promote gender equality and female empowerment through
strengthening their self-esteem, sense of belonging, appreciation and personal development through workshops and development of successful policies that allow equality.

Impact: Promote the full and effective participation of women, as well as equal leadership opportunities.

• Making a monthly and regular contribution.

• Spreading the actions of the Foundation and participating as a volunteer in their activities.

• Financing any project related to a subject area of the work of the Foundation (education and health).

• Participating as sponsors in events (trainings, campaigns, conferences, workshops).

• Businesses and organizations can participate to supporting dissemination through corporate communication channels. We know how important is to be present in different media, so that companies can provide their spaces, such as (web, social networks, e-mailing, houseorgan, internal news, summaries, bills, billboards, lines, boxes, etc.).


Jorge Alex Serrano Aguilar

Gustavo Febres Cordero
Foundation Director


9 de Octubre 27-39 entre
Sucre y Gral. Serrano
El Guabo – El Oro – Ecuador

593-7295 2000
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