Our company was founded in 2013 and began operating in 2014, supplying bananas to supermarket chains in Europe. All of our growers and administrative staff have been involved in the crop business for over 40 years.

Due to this, our experience has a great background and helps maintain the quality focus in the packaging process through compliance with safety certifications such as: BASC, environmental and social such as: Leaf Marque, Rainforest Alliance, Organic EC y UE, safety and biosafety such as: Global Gap with its add on Tesco Nurture and Biosecurity TR4, with ethical standards such as: Smeta, protocols such as: Zenalco (Auchan), platforms such as: Sedex, Food Experts, IdH, and direct collaborations with foundations such as: Ceres. Our main objective is to produce the best quality products in accordance with international requirements.

Our technical team is reviewing the procedures day by day to comply with these commitments. We have been supplying our products to many countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, Georgia, Russia, China, Japan, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Argentina and New Zealand.


Sustainability is part of our business model:

Economically, our commitment is that each farm receives a fair value for its product, which allows it to carry out a sustainable business over time and distribute wealth throughout the value chain, respecting our policies.

In social, our Equapak Foundation carries out several projects that involve quality of life, decent work, health and well-being, female empowerment and compliance with various UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), which can be seen in more detail in the corresponding area of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Environmentally, we carry out research projects focused on eliminating as many chemicals as possible from the environment, through practices such as integrated pest management, less use of agrochemicals in our daily practices in the field and packaging, and reduction in water use. , actions related to reducing the carbon footprint and can be seen in the area corresponding to SUSTAINABILITY.

Regarding organic production (BIO) and zero waste, our certification team works together with certified producers, who meet the specific requirements for this market. To see our organic certificate, click here. 


JASAFRUT S.A., is a Banana Exporting Company that provides an excellent quality product through careful control of our services, committed to compliance with current legal and regulatory requirements, promoting security in the use of information technologies, maintaining practices reliable for the integrity of the processes and thus prevent our company from being used by individuals or organizations linked to illicit activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, corruption and bribery; with the objective of guaranteeing transparency through the implementation of the BASC Control and Security Management System, perennially committed to the continuous improvement of the system.


We are a Banana Exporting Company that contributes to the development of the country, meeting and satisfying customer requirements. We offer an excellent quality product with safety and social responsibility, based on international policies and certifications that ensure healthy fruit, based on continuous process improvement, constant training of our partners and fair prices to suppliers.


To be a leading banana company worldwide, providing technological development of our suppliers, positioning our product in the most competitive markets and differentiating ourselves, generating a culture of service, safety and quality with social responsibility.

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